Celebrating Aspire

The Celebration Day is a great networking opportunity and is free to attend. Go to our Book Aspire page to check out the various Celebration Day programmes!

Every Aspire Cohort ends with the all important Celebration Day where delegates are presented with the CIPD Certificate of Achievement, but most importantly they have an opportunity to present their project reports to an invited audience; including sponsors, Heads of HR and other guests from both public and private sectors. There is an expert panel of HR&OD professionals who are guest speakers and act as the ‘critical friend’ for the project reports.

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aspire bannerMy Aspire Journey, Andrea Burns, Birmingham City Council
At the beginning of the journey I did not really know what to expect, we were guinea pigs for a new programme that looked interesting and current so, in first gear, I set off, not really sure where I was going.

Second gear kicked in when I undertook the 360 degree feedback diagnostic. The questions were really searching and the feedback from my reviewers really helped me focus upon my development, how I could fill the gaps and where my existing strengths were.

 Parked in the car park when the sessions got into full flow, excellently facilitated, lively debate and relevant topics. ab cer pic

 In transit when the research project got underway, travelling the breadth of the West Midlands to interview a range of people across local government and the third sector.

 Revving up as learning took place when the final report started to take shape. Real learning that could be applied back at the work place.

 Engine on full throttle at the review day when it all came together, excellent organisation, fantastic presentations and a real feeling of success and achievement.

If you want to go on a great personal development journey, I recommend you take the Aspire route!

“I want to encourage Delegates to be brave with their work, to have confidence in their ideas and to push them through.  I believe organisations need to be pro-active and creative with their HR support if they are going to successfully deal with the challenges they face.” (Cohort 1 Speaker)