Photographs and Feedback

Villa Park is a great venue and as well as an exciting HRBP programme dellegates also had chance to take a pitch tour! We also had a competition to win a HRBP360 and the lucky winner was Paula Marsh from Wiltshire.

Here are a few snapshots from the day together with some comments from participants and if you have a comment or photo to add to the gallery email it to

“Learning from others regarding the HR business partner role. I enjoyed hearing from speakers outside of the health sector where I work. Really enjoyed Mark Rogers – refreshingly honest in his input”

Elaine Kehelly
Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

“Opportunity to take time out to reflect and find out about what’s happening in other LA’s”.

Helen Flinter
Solihull MBC

“Loved Mark Rodgers – found him really inspiring. Also like the workshop around appraisals and I liked that this was linked into the Aspire projects, so it felt like a lot of background research had gone into it”

Elaine McGladdery
Nuneaton and Bedworth BC and Rugby BC

“Getting the perspective of Mark Rodgers including the practical views on how he has been tackling the challenges at Birmingham. The flow of speakers was great and for me a common theme came through – taking a bit of time to understand the issues before jumping into solutions. Be curious and listen”!

Patricia Kinsella
Warwickshire County Council

“Key note speaker was first rate!!

Sean Duffy
Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

“Excellent challenge from Mark Rogers on ambition of HR professionals.  Provoking and stimulating challenge from Rob Brinner”

Kate Barnes
South Gloucestershire Council

“I really enjoyed the whole day, and was extremely valuable to network with others and compare HR process etc with other Public Sector Organisations.”

Caroline Williams
Isle of Anglesey County Council

“The first 3 speakers were inspirational, engaging and gave me huge food for thought to progress my knowledge in these areas. Really appreciated the heads up on the CIPD report that came out yesterday – current, interesting and relevant to my organisation. Meeting other BP’s and hearing about their experiences and practices in their organisations.”

Caroline Smith
Wiltshire Council