Making connections

Social media connects us to individuals who are ‘thought leaders’ and the more people you connect to the more you find others who inspire! Here are some useful groups and potential authors that you might want to follow as a Business Partner.

These individuals are not purely HR scholars, but people who offer sound theories, models and philosophies around leadership and motivation; for you to not only absorb but potentially challenge with your own ideas and concepts. Aspire Module 5 will expand on the value and importance of using social media to broaden knowledge and enhance work performance.

Ted talks – listen to inspirational talks given by key thought leaders Harvard Business Review – general management magazine

Daniel Pink – Author with theory steeped in behavioural science, overturning conventional wisdom about human motivation _motivation?language=en twitter@DanielPink

Shawn Achor – Corporate trainer and author, best known for his advocacy of positive psychology and its links to work performance.
Twitter Icon@shawnachor

Dave Ulrich – Founder of ‘business partnering’. Professor and author with a focus on how organisations build leadership capability, speed, accountability and talent through leveraging human resources twitter@dave_ulrich

Simon Sinek – Author of inspirational leadership, best known for the concept of the ‘golden circle’ and the ted talks ‘start with why’.

Twitter Icon@simonsinek

Liz Ryan – CEO and founder of the Human Workplace focus on bringing life to work and bringing work to life.