Coaching Support


We are very clear with delegates that ‘you get out of Aspire what you are willing to put in’ but it is butterflysometimes hard to challenge ourselves and our own perceptions about how working life should be.

Coaching and mentoring in business has been developing for many years and the growing demand clearly demonstrates its real value. It helps individuals perform excellently and raises their confidence skills, thinking and knowledge and is often a key element of executive development programmes. In terms of Aspire the role of mentor is undertaken by the delegate sponsor, but coaching is something different.

Coaching is working 1 to 1 with someone who is able to help an individual think through aspects of their work and help them find a way forward. They do this through questioning and listening techniques as well as introducing models to help people think in different ways.

Coaching is a very personal development aimed directly at helping individuals achieve their work based goals and is seen as a time-limited process focusing on the identification and realisation of goals. It should empower them to think more reflectively about the challenges they face in their work role or in terms of Aspire, with their project. It will ask them to think about how they can resolve challenges by having the confidence and belief that they can.

Aspire delegates may access optional coaching support that comprises 5 x 1 hour telephone coaching sessions to be taken at any time during the programme. There is an additional charge for Aspire Coaching and it should ideally be booked before Module 1.

To find out more contact your Programme Manager